Saturday, 14 June 2014


It seems the prime directive this week was to read Star Trek books. So let's boldly go where no one but the main cast has survived through before. Hold on to your red shirts!

STAR TREK-NEW FRONTIER: TREASON: Readers log, stardate twenty fourteen. Geeeeeeeeeek! I know right? But to think I got two Star Trek books for under two pounds. That's one trade across civilisations that could bring any worlds together. Still in the first of two New York Times Bestselling writer stories this book has assassination and political upheaval on the cards as this new Trekkie universe saved for the pages only is as tense and taught as the alliteration of this books title. A great read to a series of successful books, this new frontier may not have any Kirk or Picard, but its got enough space opera to show you why this Star franchise in a war with J. J. Abrams other rebooted one is among the leaders of science fiction. Yesterday, today and tomorrow...energized.

STAR TREK-THE NEXT GENERATION: NIGHTSHADE: Make this one so. If you thought the politics and assassination of 'Treason' was enough to scare the kids that love this franchise then just you wait until you read this one. Captain Picard is facing execution under charges of murder on an alien planet and only Troi and a newly appointed ambassador of peace Lieutenant Word can save him. Worf!? The Klingon an ambassador of peace!? I know right?! But in a page tense turning, scintillating story there is more at matter here than muscle as our mind reader and warrior team up in a brilliant book that serves as a life lesson methaphor in how to control ones emotions between war and peace. Riker and Data may make only brief cameos but there's a nice side story subplot of biological machinery with Gordi and Dr. Crusher to keep you at this ones bedside. In one of the best Trek reads out there Laurell K. Hamilton teaches us more about our favourite characters and ourselves. Two to beam up. TIM DAVID HARVEY.