Sunday, 8 November 2015

BOOK REPORT: IAN FLEMING-The 'Spectre' Trilogy

The Writings In The Books.

24 Bonds later-from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig-and we have 'Spectre' but what do you know about the three books that are the spirit of arguably the biggest 007 feature yet?

George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan or even Idris Elba. Take your pick, but James Bond would be nothing without the M that sent him on his first mission and created him; Sir Ian Fleming. The original suave, suited and booted spy who played cards and Bond girls, from island to casino like it was all a game. Ever since his first classic book 'Casino Royale' that has inspired all the classic films from the man with the golden gun to this day, Ian Fleming was given a license to write that made him the Great British tux alternative to the tweed of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 'Sherlock Holmes' sleuth detective. Making these classic chapters and bookshelves stories that are still as popular as they've always been in today's world of superheroes, monsters and robots.

The 'Spectre' trilogy begins with 'Thunderball' that was a lottery ticket winning movie for the one and only true Bond, Sean Connery. To this day the film remains a classic from the classic underwater scenes as tense as 'Jaws' to the iconic Bond villain that would end up being put to parody hilariously by Mike Myers' legendary Dr. Evil character in the spy spoof  'Austin Powers'. The rolling book introduces us to the legendary adversary Ernst Stavro Blofeld for the first time. It is as classic as any formidable Fleming novel that has inspired a massive movie that James Bond has returned in, 'From Russia With Love' to 'Goldfinger'. Does he expect you to read? No Mr. Bond fans they expect you to thrive (off this).

And you really will when the worlds most famous agent is sent on an impossible mission 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'. Slaloming between the snow-scaped slopes of the alps to the avalanche that is Blofeld and his 'Spectre' organisation coming down on a Bond who just wants to get the job done and even find love among all this hate and madness...with tragic consequences. When it comes to Bonded books 'Majesty' may just take the crown as the most thrilling roller-coaster of stakes and emotions that Fleming has ever penned on paper that would one day become a picture on the big-screen.

From tragedy with hate comes the conclusion to the classic chapters of the 'Spectre' trilogy with 'You Only Live Twice'. As Bond faces off with Blofeld for an epic conclusion that's streak of revenge is offset with the serenity of a Tokyo trip to the Far East which shows 007 the way and wisdom of the samurai as James bonds with Japan and finds rebirth and peace to all this 'Spectre' war in more ways than one. Looking for an eye for an eye with the original Scarface there's more than meets one here for a spirited and haunting finale to 'Spectre'. With the writing on the wall and the author of all of 007's pain and power, the late, great Sir Ian Fleming's word will always be Bond. TIM DAVID HARVEY.