Thursday, 24 September 2015


THE MARTIAN: When Mars attacks and you find yourself lost on the red planet out in space, this will be the perfect desert planet book for you to pass the light years. Martin Weir's Life on Mars survival guide that has been called 'Apollo 13' meets 'Cast Away' is so deeply rooted in scientific theory you'll be forgiven for thinking this was fact as you get deeper into this fiction that is thrilling, exciting, nerve wracking and even hilarious as our lead log storyteller Mark Watney see's the funny side of being a Robinson Crusoe on his very own planet, becoming a botanists hero by growing his own food to keep himself from starving to death. This survival of the fittest book even has an against the odds, inspiring story of its own. Only being released two years ago via some 99p Kindle editions and chapter by chapter free giveaways on the authors websites and already about to be one of the biggest Oscar season movies of the fall next week starring Matt Damon lost in space for the second straight year after going 'Interstellar' with Jessica Chastain again in 2014. Soon this sensational story won't be alien to anybody. To everything else this Martian will be gravity.

CHILD OF GOD: Devil knows there's nothing godly about the central character in this Cormac McCarthy classic, this is 'American Psycho' with a twisted Tennessee turn. This is definitely not for children...or the faint hearts, or even those that it takes a lot to offend. The 'No Country For Old Men' and 'The Road' writer gives us another dark, shadowy story that is dripping with 'Blood Meridan' and is a far stampede from 'All The Pretty Horses'. The rapist that stalks these pages like your worst nightmare rewoken from a horror even Hollywood wouldn't screen is evil walking around like the dead, but McCarthy maps out his life like he would for any human being...with respect for the story. The process of writing. And its in Cormac's signature style that we get some perfect prose, even if our subject is the furthest thing from it. But compared to author it doesn't matter. Any child from Cormac is written by the hands of a God. TIM DAVID HARVEY.