Friday, 21 August 2015


USAIN BOLT-FASTER THAN LIGHTNING: An insane bolt of lightning strikes across the track in mere seconds in front of a mêlée of millions around the stadium and world. Striking gold three-times and three-peating again back-to-back. Striking that famous pose on the iconic podium of the five ring sport. Burning bright like the eternal flame of inspiration. Who said you couldn't catch lightning in a bottle twice? Now how about three times? Because we've got the perfect way for you to get ready for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil next year, early. With this amazing autobiography from the Ali of athletics that you will run through in record time. Forget 9.96 seconds. This perfect personality for sport keeps you fit with some life motivation from the cool runner whose races against time has made him the biggest Jamaican export of iconic inspiration since Bob Marley. Every little thing is alright when it comes to a man than literally went the extra mile to move the whole world. Running it now it's time to go back to the blocks and start with how and why. After reading this you'll believe he can do it again, because Usain will still be in the membrane past 2016. Bolt up!

THE JIM MURRAY READER: "As a kid, I didn't read Dr. Seuss, I read Jim Murray. In the 1979-1980 season, my parents had the newspaper spread across the table, as they did every morning. I was just at the age when I could read it, and recognize what was going on in it. Calendar section, ugh. Front page, meh. I said, "Wait a minute, what's this?" It just jumped off the page in 3-D. Kareem had gotten injured in Philadelphia, and Magic was going to start at center. And it pulled me in like a novel or something. I dove right into it." Nothing says it better than these words from modern day musical inspiration Ben Harper, as the famous Lakers fan tells us about his memories with Pulitzer Prize winning sportswriter and journalist Jim Murray. A man who has been ringside and courtside to write first-hand columns on everyone from Muhammed Ali and Michael Jordan. It's only legal pad in typewriter fitting that the greatest sportsmen of all-time were wrote about by the greatest sportswriter who wrote about more than just the game as his wonderful wordplay and magical metaphors brought sports and life together as one. Like so many hand in hand talk and write about today. The man who could spend an entire article talking about the way Magic passes the ball handed us a lifetime of work and to anyone who wants to start theirs with his needs this catalogue of classic collections of Jim Murray readings. We could never put it better than the master Murray, but get the scoop like Jackson, Jim is the reason this writer writes! What more can you possibly say? TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


CORMAC McCARTHY-THE ROAD: 'All The Pretty Horses' and 'No Country For Old Men', can put your bookshelf back together again. Cormac McCarthy is a writing icon and this Cormac classic from the man who recently penned the script for the Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt and Javier Bardem movie 'The Counsellor' became a movie masterpiece itself starring the vivid Viggo Mortenson. This bleak but beautiful book is set in the silenced post apocalyptic wasteland of an eroding earth that you can see on our dishelved characters grimy faces of grit. The may not be any zombies or undead like creatures hunting our survivors in a modern day Hollywood cliche, but the real thrill here is the testament of this tenacious story. It's not just an enduring story of survival, but an endearing one of the love and bond between the relationship of father and son that shows you love can conquer any and everything. How a book can warm your heart and break your soul at the same time is as insightful as it is inspired but this real and raw road takes you to paths and places you never thought or dreaded you'd go.

JAMES PATTERSON-MARY, MARY: Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your bookshelf grow? Thankfully quite exponentially due to James Patterson and the American writers own Sherlock Holmes character, Detective 'Alex Cross'. The D.C., D.C. who has solved many classic cases by the book, including 'Along Came A Spider' and 'Kiss The Girls' and has even appeared in many hit movies as Morgan Freeman and Tyler Perry's Cross. Here Alex makes the cross country trip from Washington to Los Angeles to solve some real Hollywood homicide. Movie stars and celebrities are getting owned left, right and downtown centre and we no the cluedos don't lead to Perez Hilton on Rodeo Drive with a laptop, even if some threatening letters are being wrote. So whose making the final cut in this script flip? And will this twist have a happy ending?

STEPHEN KING-ON WRITING: Heeeere's Steeeephen! The King of books is back but like you've never read him before. The mastermind behind so many classic books and the movies they have made like 'Carrie', 'The Shining', 'The Shawshank Redemption' and 'The Green Mile' is back with a memoir like no other that isn't all autobiographical arrogance like the self portraits from most Hollywood types. Want to write the next 'It'?! Well tough you ain't Stephen King and he wont show you! He'll tell you all about it mind and show you your own way with tips of the trade in writing your own story. This is a writing guide as much a great aid as the late, great Syd Field's Screenplay service. Even giving us a behind the pages look at how he crafted some of his classics as well as his own survival from a horrific accident that has given him another lease at life. The king of kings, King rules the game of thrones that is storytelling for the bookshelves, even more than George R.R. Martin. Now you don't have to resort to using a sledgehammer to keep this King and his subjects in your house. TIM DAVID HARVEY