Monday, 30 December 2013

BOOK REPORT 2013-52 Weeks/52 Books

For The Record.

BILL BRYSON-ONE SUMMER, AMERICA 1927: Babe Ruth, Al Capone, Al Johnson, Henry Ford, Calvin Coolridge, the New York Yankees, Hollywoodland, Mount Rushmore, the Great Mississippi flood, the roaring twenties. Legend and legacy, it's all here to the flight-plan of Charles Lindbergh in 'One Summer' that changed America and the world forever in 1927. From crime to prosperity and power to the fall from grace, this defining age of entertainment and innovation influenced the world in all it's inspiration for better or worse. From the might of boxing to the black-eye on a nation at war between races and cultures. This short history of nearly everything that happened in the United States overall changing season gives us our 52nd read right at the last day of December to close out our reading year. We did it! That makes for a record met, personal best of a book read for every week of this year, as well as numerous magazines, comic-books. web-articles and book passages as an added bonus. Oh and speaking of bonuses, the 52 books read over the 52 weeks cost barely over £52! That's awesome value...take that kindle! Who else but the great American writer taking residency in England;Billy Bryson to take us to the end of this milestone year of pages? With this latest parent present addition to the reading list, three of his books (including his magnificent, coming of American age memoir 'The Life & Times Of The Thunderbolt Kid') also make a list of varied 2013 reads that may not be Keats, but certainly aren't Kardashian. So without further ado we thank Bill, you and reading for a great year and wish you all the best for 2014. Let's hope it's an even better reading year, albeit if it's a more relaxed one. So this coming January take some time, make yourself a brew, put your feet up and just enjoy your new favorite read. In your own time. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Now for the record and in order book worms, here's the reading list...

-Dream Team
-The Last Shot
-Harry Belafonte: My Song
-The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes
-The Case Book Of Sherlock Holmes
-The Hounds Of Baskervilles
-The Silver Linings Playbook
-Gangster Squad
-Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep
-The Descendants
-The Blind Side
-The Lincoln Lawyer
-Wit'ch Fire
-The Great Gatsby
-The Perfect Storm
-We Bought A Zoo
-10 Poems To Change Your Life
-The Hobbit
-Bill Bryson: Notes From A Small Country
-Bill Bryson: Down Under
-Bill Bryson: The Life & Times Of The Thunderbolt Kid
-Phil Jackson: The Last Season (A Team In Search Of Its Soul)
-Tom Clancy-Executive Orders
-I Am Legend
-Phil Jackson: Eleven Rings-The Soul Of Success
-Ernest 'Che' Guevara: The Motorcycle Diaries
-Mr. S: My Life With Frank Sinatra
-Fight Club
-Jack Kerouac: Maggie Cassidy
-Glory Road
-Miles Davis: Miles-The Autobiography
-Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
-Into The Wild
-Star Wars: Riptide
-The Silent Season Of A Hero (The Sportswriting Of Gay Talese)
-Up In The Old Hotel
-Star Trek: Department Of Temporal Investigations-Forgotten History
-Johnny Cash-Cash The Autobiography
-Bill Clinton: Giving
-Casino Royale
-The Bourne Imperative
-E Street Shuffle
-Walk Like A Man
-Red Hot Chili Peppers: An Oral/Visual History
-Anthony Kiedis: Scar Tissue
-Ron Burgundy: Let Me Off At The Top-My Classy Life & Other Musings
-Julius Erving: Dr J-The Autobiography
-Jack Kerouac: Wake Up
-Michael J. Fox: Lucky Man
-Bill Bryson: One Summer-America 1927

You can find quick coffee table read reviews of all these books in this blog...

Monday, 2 December 2013


We've hit 50.

MICHAEL J. FOX-LUCKY MAN: This is what a Michael J. Fox says. Michael's first memoir (he released his sophomore 'Always Looking Up' in the new millennium) is one of the best celebrity autobiographies to come out of Hollywood in recent times, if not ever. Frank, forthright and damn funny, there's not a cliche or boast to be found in the perfect wrote pages of a man who has seen the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows in this fame-filled life of the golden era of movie-making from the 80's to this new millennium. Although appreciating everything life has given or thrown at him, you wouldn't expect most A-list actors to gloss over something like the incredible 'Back To The Future' trilogy and not write shorthand on his own shortcomings, but Michael lays it all out here simple and plain with some inspired insight to go along with some incredible influence. The man who suffers from Parkinson's Disease makes this memoir like his life his mission to make a statement of support for fellow sufferers and a scold to those in power not providing enough financial or motivational help for a disease that could find it's cure quicker than those others that are receiving thousands of funds more. Still, as tragic the turns have been in this mans life he doesn't keep going on and on about it, just like the spoils of his riches and fame (he finds it lame that he was let go for a speeding offence because of the name on his license in a funny passage), he makes this all about his family ties from the love of his children to his devoted wife. What more can you expect from a man that can inspire Muhammad Ali and make jokes with Larry David and not for once look like he is either making a mockery or taking things too seriously? The Canadian Fox like Basketball's Rick also shows us just what made him the straight out of the foxhole like Jamie with an extra kiss, Hollywood star he is today from 'Teen Wolf' to 'Spin City', his Nan. Telling him he could be anything he wanted to be and championing him, we see the beautiful inspiration that was fed to him like good home cooking and it's something he prepares us with her recipe here in this perfect prose. This isn't just well-wrote, it's well lived. Reading this, we're the lucky ones.

JACK KEROUAC-WAKE UP!: Wake up! It's time to go on the road with Kerouac again and this one really does travel and traverse all around the world and the mans mind that inspired the earth's free-thinking, beat thoughts. After the short and sublime, love of growing up ode of 'Maggie Cassidy', that proved to be a great under the tree, reflective, Sunday Summer afternoon park read, we picked up another bargain from the Jack of all pages. This one to add to the bibliography is all about the life of Buddha. This God biography is inspired you better believe that. Even if this religion is something you don't want to follow you can't deny the spirit and soul of this short read. With teachings we can all heed and inspired solutions to some of life's struggles, emotions and hardships this is one way to meditate and relax on a better way thinking no matter what you believe. How to treat others, yourself and the world and your place in it, you can't help but see this as an aid to the problems or conflicts you may face. This can enlighten any dark depth in the form of a short story. As you can read this all of course inspired Jack and as Kerouac influenced a new writing generation around the world this all means so much to followers of the beat or believers of the Buddha. Both will be brought together here from the words of a man whose own books became scripture to his legion of admirers. In need of some inspiration this fall, rub your eyes, get out of bed and pick this and yourself up. Don't sleep! TIM DAVID HARVEY. 

Saturday, 23 November 2013



Just What The Doctor Recorded.

Now isn't this just what the doctor ordered? OK, for all you LeBron's and Kobe's out there in this storied NBA history of basketball, the big three of all-time best players has to be Larry, Magic and of course the greatest of all-time, Mike. If you want to look at the most dominant, then look no further than the four horseman of the center position in Shaq, Kareem, Wilt and of course Bill Russell. Now for greatest teams, after the Celtics and Lakers you might look for the New York Knicks or Philadelphia 76ers. Looking at this Sixer franchise when it comes to their greatest players there's the God Wilt again, or Moses, as well as modern day legends like Charles Barkley and the answer of Allen Iverson. Still, even A.I knew-wearing number 6 in the 2000, Philly All-Star game-that when it comes to the greatest Sixer you have to make an appointment. An appointment with a man who was a legend in two games like Pee Wee Kirkland. A man whose Afro stood high, but his converses leapt higher. A man who took off from the lay-up line and revolutionized the art of dunking (and out of bounds, baseline defying lay-ups) before the air of Michael Jordan, complete with the gold necklace. A man who is now soaring from the nets to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. A legend of the city who took the New York Nets from the ABA to the NBA, decades before Jay-Z took them from New Jersey and back to the city in Brooklyn. A man who changed the game and now after several Magic and Bird autobiographies and recent Jerry West, Shaquille O'Neal and Phil Jackson memoirs is ready to release his highly-anticipated, long-awaited book of Basketball. The doctor will see you now.

What a prescription too of humility and honestly from a man who details all his blessings and curses of a rags to millionaire riches in just under a fortune 500 of peeled pages that will keep you turning and turning with vivid colors attracting you like the blue, red and white ball he stuffed through the hoop over and over again. This writer eager for his waited for all year copy, but saving for his own Basketball tour around the U.S.A. found a great deal for an unabridged audiobook. Not normally one for the lazy, 'look ma no hands' feel of listening instead of actually reading, I felt like I was cheating on books. That was until I learnt that this autobiography was narrated by the good doctor himself. In two 6 hour parts, what better way to have his story told to you during a lazy 12 hour Sunday cleaning day, or weeks worth of morning jogging but from the man himself in your company? As quick as you would burnt through this reading, you'll listen and listen through this half a day trip through the game and also American and cultural history. A man who truly propelled this game forwards while putting up with the backwards decades gone time of ignorant racism this man has gone through a lot from the real-world to entertainment. From tragic lows to the most entertaining highs in both love and loss this is life. Set to the soundtrack of his friend Teddy Pendergrass, with some light relief from his idol Bill Cosby. They've always said Basketball was like jazz and the man who improvised an inspirational influence on court from above the air-changing rim knew everyone from Miles (Davis) to Bird (Larry). Still old June doesn't forget where he came from, he knows it's all about family and how what he's learnt, he can pass on to his sons. From being a part of a Sixer side that was the only team to battle both the storied 80's Celtics and Lakers to being in the trenches with his own personal demons and wars, for better to worse this man dribbles his way through the brightest of lights and the darkest of depths that make this read truly his most powerful slam-dunk.

From jumping up and down as a child to see over the window sill, to jumping so high he took his game from the ABA's Virginia Squires to the NBA's legendary Philadelphia 76ers each paragraph starts with a leap. The man certainly knows how to craft a story, just like a career...and this is all real talk. The man who could run the baseline and even rock the cradle, knows how to turn just another sentence into a statement. It's just the art of creation he compares to the artists of music like Marvin, even channeling Gaye's 'Trouble Man' lyrics to the injustice of another night of driving that sees him pulled over by the profiling police. The aid of the soul man's soundtrack hasn't been used this poignantly for the harsh realities of life since Mark Wahlberg's worn drive through the motor city ravaged industry of a fall Detroit in the 'Four Brothers' movie. This instrument of Philadelphia soul combs through any issue in his life, full-blown like his trademark playing days Afro. Asking for no sympathy as he apologies for the wrongs in his life he just wants to write and right, from infidelity to children out of wedlock. Still, when it comes to the finer points of this mans life and career he recognizes his talent but with a refreshing humbleness you wouldn't expect for a man that soared over his professional peers with two handed-flushes and a championship belt to keep his pants even higher. Maybe this is the sort of talk that comes from a man who lost his dear friend and teammate to a plane crash where they could only tragically identify him via his championship ring. A man that has given his all, but lost so much. A man through and through however...that is still here. With a couple of retired jerseys, a Hall Of Fame career, a family, a legend and a legacy. The man who lived through the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr and John F. Kennedy, just wants to teach those reading what his college coach instilled in him after a heated, rivaling game, that you don't respond to violence with violence. You respond by being the better, stronger man. A true professional.

The man who witnessed many of America's most defining and major cultural events in history is one himself. Still, behind all the hair and dunks are the statistics and undocumented unrecorded basketball highlights that are told here from the man who grew from being "skinnier than six o'clock". Behind all that is the man who made the incredible top 10 player who redefined the game like no one else before him and helped those Jordan's and Iverson's in his same field or franchise do so after. The Converse pioneer tied up his laces and left it all out on the court, making it look all too easy, but here just like with Jerry West's 'Charmed and Tortured Life' we see what lied beneath that calm soldier on, court demeanor. From the bitterness of divorce to the tragic hands of a fickle fate that even took his sons life at far too young an age. Through all this however Julius has remained strong and resolute, hoping here to both entertain and educate you on life's ups and downs. From short, lump in the mouth chapters to artistically created ones of true storytelling, writing this book is equal parts descriptive and introspective and this is neither good or bad. This is what makes this story, like it's subject truly great. A legendary read that will go down with the best sports scribes like this man goes down as the sports best stars. From the concrete path of the Rucker to the hard-hits to the floor of a real life this man is the genuine article. Recognizing the cruelty of death, but the courage in celebrating life, there's little wonder that this amazing talent rose above it all. As he starts this writing, his "is the American life" and after reading this book from the court to off it you'll see it as one truly "fully lived". If you need any more proof for this read why not read the back cover of this hard-life hardback? No synopsis, just a quote, "when greatness meets class, that's what God created in Dr. J", from who else, but Earvin Johnson, the man who personified Magic. Still, even with his illusions sometimes he and we all need a doctor. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Friday, 22 November 2013



Bound For Leather.

Since the dawn of time, scholars through lost translations have tried to find the meaning of life. While author after author have inscribed text after text that goes down in the concrete engraved world of historical and legendary writing. Guys like Shakespeare, Twain, Dickens, Chaucer, Kerouac, the libraries go on...and then of course there's Ron. Open one of his many leather bound books and you'll read something so transcending that it could burn your eyes like that human torch that banks turn away. Yep, that's right they're kind of a big deal like the 'Channel 4' Anchorman of San Diego, California himself. We all became cult followers of the classic 'Legend Of Ron Burgundy' and this Christmas 'The Legend Continues', but before that comes something you'll want to see under your tree more than a jazz flute, lamp, bottle of sex panther, or even the man himself. Christmas has come early you smelly pirate hookers as the legendary newsman has released his tell-all, memoir. The autobiography of Ron Burgundy 'Let Me Off At The Top-My Classy Life & Other Musings'. By the beard of Zeus, the perfect scotch table read hits you like a straight shot to the ovaries.

As you open this book, you'll be met with the familiar classic book smell of rich mahogany, but the words themselves would put any teleprompter to question mark shame. What more could you expect from the man who discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel tower out of metal and brawn? Still, beware San Dieogans and beyond if you are easily offended or aroused you should put this book under the bed with the mistress and the rest of the monsters. If you are of a certain race, or ethnic background, belong to a religious group, live in a particular country, are of a particular gender or age, and generally live or're in trouble. Black, white, rich, poor, young, old, boy, girl, man, woman, cat, dog, you can all join hands together in one world and be royally offended, but hey this is Ron and when it comes to Mr. Burgundy he can even tell his own town where to go. The man who put whale's vagina's on the map is going after everyone on it...even dinosaurs aren't safe...and they're extinct. From his humble beginnings to having the greatest hair you could ever wish to touch (he shares some of his grooming habits and horsehair myths here too), this is the mustache you really must ask after this Movember. The renowned ladies man will leave you with a pattern in the pleats as he teaches his fellow man how to get a woman in just one breath (and all it's back-of-your-neck varieties), while also telling us the secrets and stories, anchoring his own man. From comparing his love-rat status to "six Wilt Chamberlain's"  and even sharing an intimate moment with Bruce Lee.

Ever wondered how to behave in a prison riot? Feces throwing or masturbation? Ever needed any advice on how to handle yourself in a bar-fight? Well let Burgundy's Jack Johnson and Tom O'Leary take you for a round, punch by punch. In epic battles that will leave more than just tridents on the floor. This is a man who camped with Bobby Kennedy and maybe did a little more with Walter Cronkite. This is a man who tells us that Joni Mitchell makes him want to kill himself...and as for the Bible...well which book do you think this bar-humble man thinks is better? The book featuring inspiring passages and life lessons to live by...or that one you find in every hotel room? Burgundy's scribe is full of it...literally. Basketball diaries of star wars to wrestling with Jackalopes. From neighborhood disputes to Watergate-like revealing moments in world history that will finally be seen for what they are, through the eyes of the premiere man of telling the news with salon quality hair. A man who has broke such stories as; squirrels on water-skis and pandas giving birth. Speaking of salon quality hair, Ron also dishes the dirt on Hollywood legend Warren Beatty and reveals that he might not just be the one-woman man we thought he was. Yes! Really! I didn't mean to spoil it but that Warren! It doesn't get much crazier than this. With all these revelations and secrets shared no wonder some of this book is blanked out...they'll get it right by the final draft...oh...wait. Proving he has the balls to write this book, his way, the Sinatra of news-casting let's it all hang out in the wind, with one scotch for his Baxter and one for the road.

Sip, by sip this book goes down smooth in one read, from the history of Mexico to healthy eating advice for your kids ("if you don't eat your vegetables, the Burgundy boys will kick your ass"). With hands on advice from the man who dealt with live bears (here's a tip, no disco lights or Donna Summer), you won't immediately regret the decision to buy this book. Its the perfect read and companion if you find yourself ship-wrecked back at your home on whore island. It all comes together perfectly from the man who "invented the Wonderbra and the Supersoaker in the same day". The only thing that's missing is perhaps a whammy preface from Champ Kind, or on the scene foreword by the ever forward Brian Fantana. Or perhaps an afterword from Brick, "I love book" anybody?! Still, this is Ron's book and he wont let anyone else take away his moment. They say when there's a will there's a Ron, but even that Ferrell creature is merely a semi-pro or step brother to the man who can sell Lego, Ben & Jerry's and Dodge Durango's all in one go while offending ballroom dancers and all horses great and small (read more here and learn how to actually break a steed with some carefully whispered ("YOU'RE AN IDIOT"!) words). Hey, everybody! Come and see how good this book looks. From his news-team being assembled and honored in a Washington D.C Newseum to the pages going for the Pulitzer, Ron Burgundy's legend is about to make history again. You're going to want to be on this book. From conversations with himself to a portrait of his life with picture perfect proof this man is hitting all the high-jazz notes. Through it all, chapter and verse, the legend that is Ron Burgundy reads, writes and keeps it classy. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Following our Bruce Springsteen special last week, this weeks books take it from New Jersey to California with the Red Hots.

ANTHONY KIEDIS-SCAR TISSUE: Remember a month back when I re-brought Johnny Cash's amazing autobiography because I was ranting about lending books out and never getting them back? Well, how wrong I was. After asking a good friend of mine for my Anthony Kiedis autobiography back, he went one better then just saying he would. He re-brought the book himself and posted it to me. I didn't mind that he lost it-he could have just said-but instead he graciously replaced my rain soaked (by my own walking fault) paperback out of shape, dog-earred copy for a brand new Bible big hardback. Kiedis frank, unapologetic, beautiful and brutal book sheds Californication sunlight on quite the life and career. From his own success in his 'socks on cocks' adult band, to sharing a bed with Cher in his youth. No, nothing dodgy went on in that case, but through all the women and drugs that did occur, Anthony points an honest finger at himself and poignantly shows us through his word works and lyrics how we dont have to go down the same lesson learned path. By the way of the Pepper frontman you'll see what this rock and roll life is truly about from destruction to redemption. This book has special meaning for me because years ago when I was in a lost place I decided to read my huge pile of unread books starting with this one. Since then I haven't stopped reading or writing since. It's given me quite the career opportunity. That was over half a decade ago. Thank you Colin and thank you Anthony. This is how much it means to me.

AN ORAL/VISUAL HISTORY: From some freaky styles to a band that gave stadiums arcadiums of rock, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are captured perfectly here in photo. Perfectly if you don't mind seeing naked men with only tube socks and logos covering them up that is. Ladies this ones sort of for you and guys, hey it was 1.50 in a local book store. Like Dave Chappelle once said, " who can pass up a sale, I'll break a five for that". From the punk George Clinton beginnings to the Rick Rubin rebirth this band has been through a lot of rocks and rolls and it is all captured here perfectly on camera and by the writing of each band member and associate for some inspired, influential quotes. Even Lawrence Fishburne makes an apperance here in this matrix of words and pictures. As do testaments to former members and greats, including the late, great Hillel Slovak, Janes Addiction's Dave Navarro and THE Chili Pepper guitarist we want back John Frusciante. This behind the scenes, from the source material book is a must for all hot Pepper fans and is alive with the passion of each member and the bands legacy in red color and in hot rhyme. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Thursday, 24 October 2013


If you know me by now, you know I'm an autobiography, not biography man, but when it comes to bargain Boss books, well that's a different matter.

E STREET SHUFFLE: With Bruce Springsteen recentely stating he won't write an autobiography (we could certainly transcribe one from some of his songs epic live inspired introductions) one of the best books you could read is from Clinton Heylin. The man whose book work on Dylan could go page for page with Bob's epic songbook delivers another great here, chronicling Bruce's glory days from the greetings from Asbury Park, to the break up and reshuffle of the E Street Band. What resonates here is the attention to detail and events, marked by real, inspiring quotes from the band and the boss himself that make this as authentic and influential as possible. A run down of every official and unofficial Springsteen song of that era to conclude the last 100 pages or so of this book make this read one bootleg that the Boss would love. Sound good?

WALK LIKE MAN: With all the Bruce biograpies out there it's hard to pick one, but Canadian Robert J Wiersema may be the most inventive and therefore best. If 'E Street Shuffle' is best described as a bootleg then 'Walk Like A Man' is truly a perfect and proud mixtape. Time to make the pod playlist. Chronicling not only the boss muses life, but the life of our author too, Wiersema takes you on a tour of what it's truly like to be growin' up with the soundtrack of hard-working blue collared jeans and boot-cut America, that even translates up north and to a small, Asbury Park type seaside town that this Englishman writing this with dreams of New York resides in. Now I relate to Bob as much as I relate to Bruce, as each song-titled chapter from 'Rosalita' to 'My Hometown' details not only the Bosses journey but how each song by the man of rock related to Wiersema's life and times. From it's short but sweet chapters to it's footnotes more detailed than a Shakepeare playbook, this is truly a great read. Especially for a man who loves Canada just as much as he loves New Jersey's favourite son. Boss fans rejoice and come together. It's time to truly relate. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


We're all spies like Coldplay this week as we take it from Bond to Bourne with a secret service of thrilling reads.

THE BOURNE IMPERATIVE: So far we've had four brilliant Jason Bourne films as this spy looks to take over Bond for the modern age (good luck...have you seen 'Skyfall'), but there's around 10 thrilling books for readers and moviemakers to get around to and this one should be 'Imperative'. With an amnesic like beginning reminiscent of the original 'Identity' of Bourne, this is the perfect homage and story in it's own right. From snow soaked tension in a murderous wilderness to a blizzard of worldwide chases and undercover twists revealed to the light at the end of this book spine this is one taught and tense read. What else could you expect from a spy thiller that requires a Sherlock Holmes magnify glass of concetration and composure to get through? 007 may have owned the last century of secret services, but this spy hard work of Jason Bourne looks set to create a legacy that could last over the decades of this new milleniuum. One day they'll be talking about who will play the new Bourne like they do Bond.

CASINO ROYALE: Still, like the front of this book says, 'there is only one Bond'...and only one spy who out smarts them all with a suit and tie and pistol cocked with a license to kill. Plus as great as Daniel Craig and his new 'Casino Royale' beginnings are(certainly an upgrade from the original, unofficial 'Royale' offering), when it comes to Bond nobody tops Fleming, Ian Fleming. That's right Sean Connery and Roger Moore, when you look at Bond you see the man who wrote and created him. Fleming's first novel was a real find and scoop thanks to a free coupon from a newspaper (you know we've been on the hunt for great, bargain books and this is one of the best...ever) and reading this book on a park bench with a man playing an accordian nearby really set the European scene for a novel, quick, perfect Autumn afternoon read(the classic chapter names including 'Pink Lights and Champagne' even inspired me to write a song). Still, nobody lays it out like Fleming who just like Shelock's, Arthur Conan Doyle is a classic, creative writer aswell as a great story and character creator. The man who wrote President JFK's favourite book (the other (oh, there's more than one) Bond classic 'From Russia With Love') and 'Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang' gets deep, dark and descriptive from the subplots of murder and romance that make the ladies and gentelman's favourite Bond so compelling. From Bentley chases to the tension of torture, nothing is more gripping in this thriller than the gamble of cards and money itself. You have to hand it to Fleming, he plays it perfectly. No matter how great the Bond films are, nothing is more exciting and entertaining than the words that inspired it. The book always comes first...shaken and stirred. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


A name change, but the game still remains the same. A look at what books we've read during our 'Reading Week', this week two influential and inspirational, but different American figures.

CASH-THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY: Don't you just hate it when you lend a book to someone and they don't give it you back, no matter how many times you politely ask? It's a laugh that these days it would cost less money to buy the book again then to actually go meet them and get it, but it's the principle right? Anyway, rant over this is one book that's worth buying again. The autobiography from the man in black is haunting and moving, spiritual and inspirational and reflective and redeeming as the highwayman takes us down the roads of his life. The man who crafted quite the country strong career and life for himself, takes you through the prisons and the rings of fires that have defined his legend and legacy. He also takes you to the end and the rebirth of his career, with his revolutionary 'American Recordings' sessions with prolific Chilli Pepper and Beastie Boy producer Rick Rubin that redefined the late legend to another generation. Through all the thousands of albums he made and songs he recorded in different languages what translates the most his his love for life, family and friends. That's what strikes the highest cord that we can all relate to here without playing along. That is what makes the legend of Johnny and his music really sing. This is why you need to invest in 'Cash'.

BILL CLINTON-GIVING: Following his epic 'In My Life' autobiography of his presidency, Bill Clinton has wrote many books. Still it's the bargain, short read of 'Giving' that I found, that really stays with you the most. This is not about Bill, this is not about us, it's about others. He tells us 'How Each Of Us Can Change The World' in relation to charity that goes beyond money or preaching. The president does not seek to manipulate or control, but instead influence and inspire that all of us can make a difference with our means, whether they be financial or simply a few minutes of our time. Citing countless inspirational stories and others who have done so much for the world the ambassador of good charity doesnt even blow his own saxophone to all the incredible, underrated work he's done. He doesn't even go as far as to make us feel bad at what the better off have done for the worse. He just tells us like it is and gives us a guidebook on how we can start to do the same if that is what we are interested in. A powerful but subtle punch beyond politics. In talking about doing the right thing, Bill Clinton does it the right way. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Thursday, 29 August 2013


UP IN THE OLD HOTEL: A classic collection of the works of writer Joesph Mitchell tho contributed cool and courageously crafted columns and sensational stories for 'The New Yorker'. From writers to waiters, gypsies to rats and everything in between the core of the Big Apple, Mitchell's writing is introspective, inspired detailed and dilligent. With respect and humor, Mitchell-until his death in 1996-brought everything to life from the atmosphere of steak houses to all sorts of people and their stories that wouldnt have been heard, without Mitchell finding them and telling them. A true journalist to the end who really adbided by the true, genuine essence of writing. We could all take a page from this greats book.

STAR TREK-DEPARTMENT OF TEMPORAL INVESTIGATIONS: FORGOTTEN HISTORY:Space...the final that's a mouthful. Try...reading...this William Shatner's...voice. In fact, in what is a 'Star Trek' year, reading this book had me shifting between picturing Shatner and Nimoy and Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto as I boldly went through this book (does that violate the prime directive?). Shifting between the worlds of the original sixties series and 'Deep Space Nine', this is truly a great read too, going all Doctor Who on us and shifting through time aswell as the space continuum. What results are some great lessons learned and told in a series and genre that always used it's future themes to help guide viewers through past pretenses and present problems. Recentely reading a 'Star Wars' book, which is considered a futuristic Westeren, it's rival and counterpart feels like a pirate ship voyage across the seven seas of space. A gripping page turner which your imagination or Abrams could turn into a movie this truly sinks everyone elses battleship. All hands on deck, your rainy day legs book is ready to be turned. Set your plans to stun. Energize! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


More like 'Reading Weak'. It's been awhile. Apologies but this readers been writing. So let's stop the yearly read count (it was too boastful anyway) and just focus on what we've delved into recentely.

INTO THE WILD: I must admit when I first saw the cult classic film that was based on this book I wasn't a big fan. Even if I loved the solo soundtrack scored by Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder, which led to a serious, unique ukelele second career (which I prefer...yeah I know). With all due respect to the dead I found the leaving of home without a word by Christopher McCandless to travel a little discomforting. Especially because I was about to embark on a travelling trip of my own at the time which illuminated the feelings of isolation and homesickness. Still in further reading here we see more into this man and his lifes mission to truly live and what more can you respect than that. This book is both haunting and hopeful, recounting the fates of several other travellers who died tragically on the road and in respect of Christopher and them all, throughout all the vivid descriptions of just how beautiful real America is, nothing is more beautiful here then the hearts of men who just wanted to see the world for what it really is.

STAR WARS-RIPTIDE: It's safe to say it's been a Star Wars week. I even wanted to write this post inward like the opening credits. In a living room far, far away I watched the original trilogy for the first time in over a decade in one night, then went to sleep, woke up, watched a double-bill of 'Fraiser' and then watched the 'other' three Star Wars films. So it was only right I brought a novel. This one by Paul S. Kemp is a sequel to ('Crosscurrent' (which I need to get, but hey it's not like these guys know how to keep a chronological order)). On a clone hunt this book is deep, dark, brooding and brilliant. Capturing the loneliness of a vast hyperdrive space to go along with the futuristic martial arts of lightsabre duels, pitched and penned perfectly. From vivid descriptions of Jedi training, lightsabre making in dads garage and disassembling to it's essence, this takes Star Wars to the core. You know I can't wait for the new films now.

THE SILENT SEASON OF A HERO: I must admit I had no idea about the sportswriting of the great Gay Talese until I was brought his book for my birthday. Now, however this collection of his best stories from decades gone is perfect for this aspiring sportswriter who cites the late, great Jim Murray and the modern marvel of Scoop Jackson as his writing inspirations. Just like these two, Talese gives more to sportswriting than just facts and figures. His descriptive decadence now puts him in my holy trinity of the writers room with Scoop and Jim. Inspired by the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, Gay gave his subjects and stories exactly that...more story. Seeing all the intricate things that would make an inspired whole. He would write about everyone from the retired to the losers, the ignored to the caddies and behind the scenes and pro figures. He'd also pen an inspired Ali meets Castro piece for Esquire. His work, funny and forthright, insightful but respectful. The man who as kept and developed his signature style from his teens to his elder years has blessed every medium his typewriting fingers have graced. If you want to get into writing this is the man to follow. Thank you Mr. Talese for recharging the writer in me and showing me how it's really done. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Saturday, 29 June 2013


Time to take a little break...a writing break. 34 books in one year is plenty of pages and more will turn soon but as we take a short reading stop to actually work and write more, let's look at the great reads that have closed out this week. We'll be back soon...probably sooner than we think. As always, thanks for reading.

GLORY ROAD: If you thought the Disney movie-that could make some hoop heads forget the gridiron passion play of 'Remember The Titans'-was inspiring then wait until you read the book of this basketball road to glory. Coach Don Haskins gives his autobiographical take on his trip to the Final Four victory of the 1966 NCAA Championship, in which he started five black players for the first time in basketball history. His Texas Western victory over Kentucky was groundbreaking not only in sport, but life and cultural measures and messages. The ever modest but hard-working coaches coach Haskins downplays his movie inspiring feat and that's where co-writer Dan Wetzel comes in at the start of every chapter. Haskins offers a coaches playbook to how this game should be played and how young men should be taught how to be beyond the game. It all makes for an inspiring and uplifting read for coaches and people looking for inspiration alike. It's hard to believe that back then black males where considered by racists to have no place in the game of basketball...let alone all the other horrible suffering people endured (which is brought to more light here). What a difference time, strength, resolve and a coach makes...and of course a group of young men who stood up to truly atrocious abuse from some men twice their age and defeated it all, winning over everyone in the process. That's true glory.

MILES-THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY: Quincy Troupe gives the late, legendary jazz man the creative space to deliver one of the most vivid and free-flowing but consice and controlled autobiographies ever. Miles still the man even with his passing. Some considered him angry and arrogant but here you'll ust see he's just purely passionate. He'll move you too tears (especially when he talks about wanting to take up medicine) as well as showing he has a sense of humor as he delivers vividly, evocative tales from the smouldering, smoke-filled clubs of his playing from New York to the rest of the world. Bird, Mingus, Duke, Coltrane, they all play their part as does all the incredible musicians that have worked with or inspired Miles. From Billie Holliday to Frank Sinatra. As this book closes Davis' even lamented his love for the next generation of music in Prince...and he was right with that new power movement. He even said about how 'The Artist' and himself almost cut a full record together...oh my how sweet that would have been. From the 'Sketches Of Spain' to the 'Bitches Brew' Miles writes like he plays jazz, freestyling with controlled, improvisation and inspiration. Forget what you know or have heard. On this Miles is hitting all the right notes...and to those who called him a racist. Just check his reaction to his friends giving him grief for hiring white musicians (and I'm paraphrasing here somewhat)..."hey, I don't care if the cats green...if he can play, he can play". What a legend.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN-VAMPIRE HUNTER: I've said it before. It's funny how it all comes around. I brought this book one year after seeing the film adaptation last year which starred a Liam Neeson lookalike as good ole Abe (and I used to say-before Daniel Day-Lewis gave an Oscar winning nod-that Neeson would make a perfect Lincoln). I remember-for personal reasons-the day I saw that film was one of the best days of last year and my life, so who knows how good the film was...I could have been watching the worlds worst film and thought it was amazing. So I can forgive a film where the most meaningful President in American and cultural history starts slaying vampires at night like his name was Buffy. Still, what made the film and of course the book that produced it so good is this strange idea actually works. With fake diary entries and mocked up old photo's offset by real, inspiring quotes starting each chapter this is a real, ravishing and inspiring read. Everyone loves vampires...and everyone loves Lincoln so this four scores. There's meaning behind the madness too with potent messages as powerful as garlic, some satire and a lot of hero worshipping. Hey if anyone could slay the undead as well as slavery it's the man in the top hat. The ending is different to the film (of course it is Hollywood) but then again the film did handle Lincoln's assassination better than Speilberg's Oscar winning epic...yeah I said it! There's care and consideration behind what looks like an exploitation. There's more to this then meets the eye. Some men are just too interesting. Thank you Seth-Graham Smith. The man who-because of reading it wrong-I thought wrote both 'Zombies' and 'Pride and Prejudice'. Mash-up's havent sounded this good since Jay-Z and Linkin Park. What the hell are you waiting for? TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Monday, 17 June 2013


There's a small library worth of reads to delve into this week as we hit 30 something like eighties babies. That's what happens when you need some company on a week worth of graveyard shifts. Here's whats been keeping me going.

PHIL JACKSON: ELEVEN RINGS-THE SOUL OF SUCCESS: After giving 'The Last Season' another go round, our most anticipated book release this year came round and the Zen master didn't dissapoint. Toeing the court-line between his Buddist beliefs and core coaching principles, Phil Jackson gave us the perfect manual for Basketball and life leaders to be. The greatest coach of all time lamented his legend by giving us an in-depth, press-dream look at both his time with the storied Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers championship teams. What a legacy. From Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest and Metta World Peace to Dennis Rodman and 'The Worm' this dry erase writing covers it all. Stay tuned for the full review.

ERNESTO "CHE" GUEVARA-THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES: This revolutionary leaders pre-political diaries as a young man are iconic and inspirational in themselves. A short but sweet read of a long and legacy making trip down South America, this is something for followers and travellers alike. From heart-warming to gut-wrenching stories and laughter to tears this truly is one book that isn't about this man's destiny destination but about his joyeous journey. You'll never believe what he gets up to and you won't want to say goodbye. Time to write your own travel journals. Make it a trip. 

MR S. MY LIFE WITH FRANK SINATRA: Normally I don't touch biographies about celebrities. I prefer the albeit truth from the horses mouth, but George Jacobs life was worth the look. Especially for 49p (the bargains continue). Ole Blue Eyes former valet saw everything when it came to Frank...and we do mean everything for one of the most hilarious stories. The two fell out in the end, so you may want to take some of this with a pinch of salt and there is a lot of this celebrity life that is just sleazy. Still there's that Rat Pack cool from Vegas to Palm Springs. Plus with an inside look at everyone from the Kennedys to Marylin Monroe this isnt just a story about the chairman. To be Frank it's a look at the history of American culture and the dream of it over the last century.

FIGHT CLUB: David Fincher made this a classic film with fellow 'Se7en' star Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, still it's this original novel story that truly made the film both weird and wonderful. Remember the book came before the chicken, so its always better. Brutal but beautifully wrote, this scarring satire is a punch and precursor to insulting modern times and it pulls all sorts of punches at a dull and monotonous everyday life. Sure this isnt for everybody as like the film it's a little bit too much, but behind the bruised eyes you can see it's saying so much more. Do you get the message? Or like someone with two black eyes have you already been told twice?

JACK KEROUAC-MAGGIE CASSIDY: How about one more short story? That's what a lazy Sunday gives you. Completing a week of real reads, nothing beats Kerouac. After my best friend dedicated a copy of 'On The Road' to my American travels, it was only right in this present I brought one that matched my feeling today...head over heels in love. A hopelessly beautiful take on a teenage love affair this really is the best of this legendary American beat writers wonderful works. Anyone whose ever found the one, will join the millions who relate to this book. A story as sweet as it is sincere, it's a lovers lament to not only matters of the heart, but the best times of our life...high school. From sports day to love notes,  as hearts race check yes on this one. This is love, this is life. This is Kerouac.

Coming Soon....'Glory Road', Miles Davis and more....

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


The reading list for this year continues, we've been busy trawling libaries and blowing the dust off some old volumes.

BILL BRYSON: NOTES FROM A SMALL COUNTRY/DOWN UNDER/THE LIFE & TIMES OF THE THUNDERBOLT KID-For years my parents and aunties and uncles would buy me these books as I was growing up with keen ideas to travelling. Recentely I reopened this dream by finding these books and reading through the tales of one of the greatest travel writers ever. This American is as insightful as he is inspiring and as scathing to whats wrong as he is rightfully funny. 'Notes From A Small Island' is hilarious...especially as Britain is my familiar home. While 'Down Under' is a unique trip and take of the depths of the delightful Australia. Still, however it's his hilarious and unbelievable take of 50's America in 'The Life & Times Of The Thunderbolt Kid' that truly hits home. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wish you lived the why not?!

PHIL JACKSON: THE LAST SEASON (A TEAM IN SEARCH OF ITS SOUL)-With the release of Phil Jackson's latest memoir 'Eleven Rings-The Soul Of Success' (stay tuned for a review) we re-read the legendary Chicago Bull and Los Angeles Laker coaches last book. Set in the dream team turned nightmare season of a Lakers squad that boasted Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone and Gary Payton but no championship hardware, this is a truly insightful behind the scenes look at what was Phil's last season in Hollywood before he returned to the hardwood to fill out the rest of those eleven rings. This is as real and as revealing as it gets. With his new book looking to be his best, almost a decade back this was the one piece of writing every tabloid journalist and would-be-coach wanted to get there hands on. The perfect journal and coaching manual, still not lost today with all that's happened since.

TOM CLANCY: EXECUTIVE ORDERS-With 'Star Trek's' new Kirk about to take the Alec Baldwin/Harrison Ford/Ben Affleck mantle of CIA's best Jack Ryan it was time to look at one of Tom Clancy's epic stories in the Ryan saga. Almost a mammoth 900 pages, this took almost as long to read as it was to lift out of the old cupboard of old family books. Still, in the end this intriguing tale is worth the read. Vivid and descriptive, we see Ryan take on the role as American President (this feels more like you should picture Mr. Ford) after a terroist attack that seems all too familiar...although this book was penned in 1996. From the pressroom to the situation room and war to an epidemic to end it all, this is as real as it gets.

I AM LEGEND: With Will Smith's father and son Sci-Fi 'After Earth' out this week it's time to take a look at the book that his last out of this world outing was based on. Very different from the film in plots and locations this quick read is a novel page turner that keeps you on your toes and the whites of your knuckles. This Richard Matheson book is bold, brilliant and a horror/sci-fi that mixes Phillip K. Dick with what inspired Stephen King. Truly terrifying and incredibly isolated you are drawn right into this in it's own right. The brilliant Will Smith film has not lost the transalation of the books original message. With an even beautiful and heartbreaking one man and his dog tale this is the original and best. The film may be a classic...but this is the legend. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


That's a nice notion isn't it 'Stack Books, Not Money'. I'm coining that one. Alas though we all need cash. Then again with all these bargain books perhaps not. The reading list continues folks. Here's this week...

WE BOUGHT A ZOO: £1, just a pound. Ok, I'll stop boasting. This book by Benjamin Mee was turned into an underrated and criminally ignored, feel-good film by 'Jerry Maguire' director Cameron Crowe. The great film makes for a great book too, heartbreaking in parts but insightful and inspiring in others. This true story of a Zoo should be visited more like these amazing attractions. In this book, you'll laugh cry and learn more about animals than meets the Zookeepers eye. Like the Zoo, just buy it!

TEN POEMS TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE: I dug this old book out of the cupboard last week. It was a book my best friends parents bought me for my 18th birthday. That was only...almost a decade ago. Maaan I'm old. Still this analysis of ten top poems is well worth a revisit. From the great Walt Whitman to sonnets about socks this truly is something special. Will it change your life? Maybe, it depends on how you take it. One man's poem is another man's Twitter quote, but in this digital age of boasts it's nice to take it back to something that looks inward. Don't read too much into it, but at the same time give it some consideration. Poetry is a lost art from the heart (hey I'm a poet and I didn...never mind) that if done the right way is adventurous not pretentious.

THE HOBBIT: What more can you say about this classic, timeless book? With the trilogy of films truly begun with last years 'Unexpected Journey' it's time to read into the story that came before the epic 'Lord Of The Rings'. On another rummage throught the cupboard, I found this book that my parents had brought before I was even born (and we all know that was a long time ago...1985 hey). Every parent should read this book to their kids, hey every household has one. Before every home had an iPhone or a Kindle they had the beautifully illustrated and incredible, fascinating fantasy world of J.R.R. Tolkien in their hands. Sure I may have runied the films for myself now (and for a friend...I'm sorry buddy) but nothing tells the story better than reading it by nightlight. Do it...tonight! TIM DAVID HARVEY

Thursday, 18 April 2013


As if 15 wasn't enough! A week after my 'Between A Book & No Shelf Space' comes number 16 and number 17. Here's what I've been reading inbetween magazines and your beautiful blogs...

THE GREAT GATSBY: U.K. fans if you pick up this months 'Esquire' (which has great features with Chris Pine and Leonard Nimoy...I promise this isn't a plug) it comes with a free classic novel...BARGAIN (again I stress, no plug). 'The Tenth Man' by Graham Greene and 'The Old Man & The Sea' by Ernest Hemingway are among the choices but I chose 'The Great Gatsby' by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I wanted to read this classic piece of American literature again before the movie version by Baz Lurhman, scored by Jay-Z (boy does it sound and look good) and starring Leo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan came out this Summer. On the surface some may think this short story looks like something about a bunch of people who should party less and stop cheating on each other, but this twenties jazz age tale is so much more. It's a a love versus money, 'prose' and cons study of the human condition by Fitzgerald which is better with every read and is wrote so beautifully. F. Scott is the master.

THE PERFECT STORM: £1, 1 day, read...and what a bargain. You're going to think I found a book goldmine. I'd say where I've been but then I need to stop with the plugs. Another book that became a movie, the very good, moving and underrated 'The Perfect Storm' starring George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg. The book is very different then the movie however, telling descriptive stories about both the crew and the fascinating factual nature of nature. For example did you know a single bolt of lightening in a hurricane has enough energy to power every home in the United States for four years...incredible. I mean people survive being struck. I must admit I had mixed feelings buying and reading a true book about the death of men at sea but just like the movie Sebastian Junger handels his subject matter with consideration and class. It's real, raw, taught and terrifying. A modern day 'Tempest'. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Sunday, 7 April 2013


Books to the left of me, books to the right of me.


Long time no read. Let's just say I've been breaking spines and tearing through pages. Now I'm not one to do yearly book challenges (although they are pretty cool...go you) but if I was I'd be on a good run for 2013. Thanks to some great gifts and bargain books the shelves are stacking and the coffee cups are mounting. Here's a rundown of my reading list so far. More to come.

DREAM TEAM-A Christmas present off my dream girl, this really is a dream team. A sports journalists tour through Barcelona, the 1992 Olympics and the USA Basketball dream team consisting of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird and more greats. Featuring player profiles and behind the scenes stories even more exciting than the Harlem Globetrotters like dominating games, this is a birds eye view look on what all the press and fans wanted to peek into. This really is one for the ages and pages. Thank you Holly.

THE LAST SHOT-The other side of the hoop dream. This tale of playground basketball the streets of Queensbridge follows young players led by former NBA star Stephon Marbury on their search for the American basketball dream. Heaven really is a playground, but between the harsh realities of the street and NCAA nightmares be prepared for hell. The last page truly broke my heart. We all need to look after our youth better.

HARRY BELAFONTE: MY SONG-A beautiful and poetic autobiography about a man who has not only witnessed but has been actively involved with some of the major cultural, political and social changes in music, movies and more over the last century. Still alive to tell the real tales of his time with the likes of Marlon Brando, Martin Luther King Jr, John F. Kennedy and Sammy Davis Jnr. Did you know this award winning actor who broke cultural lines with Sidney Poitier not only was Bob Dylan's mentor but also the first artist to ever sell 1 million records with his Calypso record? Time to read all about it.

THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES/THE CASE BOOK OF SHERLOCK HOLMES/THE HOUNDS OF BASKERVILLES-Can you believe all these classic reads only cost me 50 English pence each? Say it with me now...BARGAIN! Do you need anymore reason to read? Whether you're a Robert Downey Jr or Benedict Cumberbatch fan (or even of you like Lucy Lui as your Dr. Watson) Sherlock Holmes originates with the great Arthur Conan Doyle. The man who can even make demon dogs and vampire mysteries real. Tip of the cap and nod of the pipe to you.

THE SILVER LININGS PLAY BOOK: If you thought the Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence Oscar winning film was good then wait until you read this. You could say the start of this year has been one of books that movies where based on and the writer should always get the first credit. After all the chicken came before the egg and between short chapters with quirky names Matthew Quick delivers a classic that is sympathetic and funny. Bringing the often arms length over-looked problem of anxiety to the table this book is bold, beautiful and brilliant.

LIMITLESS-That isn't it for Bradley Cooper based books. Maybe I just like the covers hey. 'Limitless' or 'The Dark Fields' as it's originally known by Alan Gylnn is the story that led to 'The Hangover' stars true breakout movie. Concerning the idea of what it would be like to take a pill that improved how you performed mentally this is a 'what would you do' story with scary and thought provoking moral messages. The vivid and descriptive way this book is wrote at times, matched with the quick thinking fact of the matter thought processes really immerses you in the substance. With this rags or riches tale, Gylnn really is on something here.

DRIVE-How about some Ryan Gosling ladies? What is this 'A Place Between The Pines' tie-in post (send me the cheque in the mail fellas). If you thought Gosling's dark classic really was one of modern greats greatest wait until you read this novel. On par with the sublime soundtrack this quick read wasn't devoured in a return train ride because it's short. It was burnt through because it's a real vivid page turner taking us through the darkness of the neon shades of Los Angeles in depth and detail. Celluloid or pages we can't wait for the sequel 'Driven'.

GANGSTER SQUAD: More Gosling, I know...I know. Some hated the great movie that was based on this book. Still these real accounts of the Los Angeles Police Departments battle for Los Angeles with mobster Mickey Cohen is another quick page turner of intrigue and investigation. There is nothing cool or classy about gangsters (yeah I said it, come and get me) but the good guys getting it done makes for a cool police story. From the files of 'Gangster Squad' if you like your cops and robbers stories than cop this one. It's a steal.

DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP?: 'Blade Runner' anyone? Ever since being enthralled by movies like 'Total Recall', 'Minority Report' and 'The Adjustment Bureau' and noticing in the credits 'based on the book' I have been intrigued by the science fiction writer Phillip K. Dick and everyone should too. Finally this year I have started to read up about him and what a way to start with the science fiction masters classic. A man who is one of the greatest American authors of all-time and a guy who's stories from decades gone are still influencing future films like they where brand new ideas. If only he was here to see. 'Blade Runner' came out just after he died. Rest In Peace sir. We're counting electric sheep for you.

THE DESCENDANTS: Kaui Hart Hemmings story that inspired a great George Clooney film is a trouble in paradise story that is dark funny, sobering and punch drunk with love. Based in Hawaii and showing it's not all sun and sand this important story of failing franchises, marriage and life has many moral messages that will centre you. A man is losing his wife and while she is in a coma he learns she was going to leave him for another man...and there's still happiness to be found in this story. Incredible.

THE BLIND SIDE-Last year I was reading 'Moneyball' by Michael Lewis and the autobiography of Michael Oher (thanks for the love Mike) 'How I Beat The Odds'. It's funny how it all turns around. This year I found myself reading 'The Blind Side' by Lewis based on Oher's life. It became a hit movie with Sandra Bullock, but first 'The Blind Side' became another classic by revolutionary sports journalist Lewis looks into this young, Superbowl winning Football stars coming of age life, the business of NFL recruitment and the invaluable asset of the man paid more to protect the quarterbacks weak spot. 'The Blind Side' has all the elements of a descriptive sports analysis and a beautiful story that's amazingly fact not fiction.

THE LINCOLN LAWYER-Michael Connelly used to write about police reports for the 'Los Angeles Times' no wonder this author is so knowledgeable about the city of Los Angeles, crime and the legal process. 'The Lincoln Lawyer' made a great movie and career redemption for Matthew Mconaghey (shout out to John Leguizamo for the love) and it's always interesting to see how a film translates and differs from the text. This pure page turner really keeps you immersed in the details of this case no matter how in depth it is to the fine point of every move and mannerism, so delightfully descriptive. You'll feel like you're investigating the case first hand and that's what makes it such a captivating and interesting read. Especially if you read it in Mconaghey's signature southern drawl. As long as I get to take my shirt off.

WIT'CH FIRE-Now here's a fantasy that could give 'The Lord Of The Rings' a run for its pages. Recommended to me by the one I trust the most about reading, 'Book 1' really sets the scene. Don't banish this one an epic tale of witches and all sorts of creatures really will set off the vivid imaginations of the wildest part of your minds as our author really paints the perfect picture. To say more really would be giving the game away but this inspired read really will uplift you and break your heart at the same time. After all isn't that what all epic tales are made of? I can't wait to get into the rest of this five series fantasy and so should you.

15 books between the usual basketball, film and music magazines, plus comic books isn't too bad. Now what's more instore? Keep reading and feel free to share what you've been bookworming and your favorite good reads.

Now time to write...