Monday, 13 April 2015


Get To Tha ChapTAAR

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER-TOTAL RECALL: Recall this! Arnold Schwarzenegger is the definition of the American dream and he details all of this in page after page of the volume of his life for a mammoth, monster machine of an amazing autobiography 'Total Recall' (not to be confused with the classic Phillip K. Dick book that inspired one of his biggest movie hits). The man who wrote 'The Encyclopedia Of Bodybuilding' gives you 600 reps here in an epic, power bar motivational piece of prose, that also shows some great humility amongst the "get off your ass" inspiration. You just can't put this cinder book down like the heaviest iron pumped in training. Everything is detailed here from the Austrian who came to America with some incredible and impossible goals but unbelievably achieved them all. The bodybuilding of being Mr. Olympia, the politics of being Governor of California and that little movie career inbetween that you may have heard about too. Even the hardships of the heart and marriage trouble of the seemingly indestructible, 90's figure of real super heroic standards are brought to honest page shedding light. The titanic sized triple threat has something for everyone here, even if you're not a movie buff. Interested in working out? Then you can follow Arnie's regime all the way to the free weights of Golds Gym. Politics your choice of coffee table talk? Then the 'Governator' will inspire you into a deep debate of knowledge and power. Still for film fans Schwarzenegger tells all about his hit movies from 'Terminator' to 'Twins' and 'Predator' to 'Junior' with some top tip, trade secrets (including some of the films he should have been a part of). Still throughout it all, family and famous friends, Arnold remains Arnold and that's what makes these chapters compelling. Sorry we cant resist...Hasta La Vista...bookshelf!

FURIOUS COOL-RICHARD PRYOR & THE WORLD THAT MADE HIM: Laugh now, but David and Joe Henry are on to something. The writing pair where writing a film about the greatest comedian of all-time when penning this book. Now there's been rumours that Eddie Murphy is about to star in one about his idol Richard Pryor. The brothers here give a detailed account of this mans life for a brilliant biography that serves as an appropriate accompaniment to Richard's 'Pryor Convictions' autobiography. Wrote with the help of family and friends and some real conviction this isn't just an appropriate account, it's also a gem of a guide that features inspired italics of descriptive and deep bookends to chapters that read like treatments to scripts. This 'Furious' heaven is worthy of moviemaking and the moments of a man that still brings tears to our eyes. Striking the fine, familiar line between comedy and tragedy, the Henry's give us gold. Yet it will always be Richard Pryor that will have the last, lasting laugh. TIM DAVID HARVEY.