Sunday, 18 January 2015


Happy New Year! And we're back! Five books down already and its still January. Last years quarter of a century, 25 books that failed to match 2013's 52 for 52 weeks is about to be shelved. With one of the books about to be reviewed in a feature on its own eight part series, lets take a look at four of this months finest..

AMERICAN SNIPER-Oscar buzz is surrounding the Clint Eastwood film 'American Sniper' to the tune of six nominations in the clip. Thanks to in part Bradley Cooper's perfect performance of scope as American hero Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in U.S. military grade history. The movie based on this magnificent memoir is just as compelling as these chapters thanks to the perfect tribute and fitting homage from Clint and Cooper. Their visits to Kyle's hometown and humbled help is even detailed quite nicely by Chris' widowed wife in the movie adapted book package. Yes, Chris Kyle tragically died but he leaves us with an amazing autobiography that gives readers reason to his position as a deadly soldier from a distance. With his wife by his writing and loving side the war of fighting for your country and marriage, miles and lives away from your partner is brought to the forefront in parts of the book that will resonate with everybody from soldiers to civilians. War effects us all, whether we like it or loathe it not. Somehow between all the bullets and back and forth, this mans work brings us peace.

BRUCE: Hungry hearts need to pick this one up. After Clinton Heylin's quote assisted drive and delve down E Street and Robert J. Wiserman's mixtape, chapters of sort 'Walk Like A Man', 'Bruce' brings us a biography as close to the man himself , as Springsteen has stated recently he wont be putting pen to paper for his own story. But lets face it he's done more than enough of that in his songs anyway. But when we say this biography by Peter Ames Carlin will have to do, this is by no means an insult. This is inspired! A real tour through the man and E Street's legacy, written by a fan not motivated by hero worshipping bias but by the honest and decency of what's real and right as he writes. We learn more about this bosses life from Jersey to Jungleland and love him all the more for it. A lot has been said, wrote, published and sold about this man over the years but with the cooperation of him and his closest nothing captures Springsteen quite like 'Bruce'.

THE LOST WORLD: Roaring into 2015, after starting last year reading the Michael Crichton classic 'Jurassic Park', it was only right we began this year with the sequel. Especially with the movie sequel 'Jurassic World' opening its legendary gates this Summer. Something truly has survived here as the dinosaurs are back for the 'Congo' and 'E.R.' creators sequel to his finest work. You'll be pleased that this brilliant book doesn't suffer sequel slump either as it is an enthralling and exciting page turner. This thriller also serves as a magical manual of prehistoric, scientific and chaos theory as deeply descriptive in this textbook nature as it is in its vivid, imaginative storytelling one. The dinosaurs are ruling the earth once again.

I, ALEX CROSS: Along came a spider again. After being introduced to our favourite D.C. detective and "America's Sherlock Holmes" last year we delve once again into the vast shelves and sections of James Patterson's work. This time Washington's finest is chasing a crime syndicate and scandal that could lead him to running all the way to the White House. After the wonderful work of Morgan Freeman in 'Kiss The Girls' and the 'Spider' sequel, we now have have something that could serve as a second installment to Tyler Perry's 'Alex Cross' reboot. Either way, from story to screen we sure would love to read and see more from Patterson and his own 007 to his Ian Fleming soon. Cross our hearts. TIM DAVID HARVEY.