Monday, 17 June 2013


There's a small library worth of reads to delve into this week as we hit 30 something like eighties babies. That's what happens when you need some company on a week worth of graveyard shifts. Here's whats been keeping me going.

PHIL JACKSON: ELEVEN RINGS-THE SOUL OF SUCCESS: After giving 'The Last Season' another go round, our most anticipated book release this year came round and the Zen master didn't dissapoint. Toeing the court-line between his Buddist beliefs and core coaching principles, Phil Jackson gave us the perfect manual for Basketball and life leaders to be. The greatest coach of all time lamented his legend by giving us an in-depth, press-dream look at both his time with the storied Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers championship teams. What a legacy. From Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest and Metta World Peace to Dennis Rodman and 'The Worm' this dry erase writing covers it all. Stay tuned for the full review.

ERNESTO "CHE" GUEVARA-THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES: This revolutionary leaders pre-political diaries as a young man are iconic and inspirational in themselves. A short but sweet read of a long and legacy making trip down South America, this is something for followers and travellers alike. From heart-warming to gut-wrenching stories and laughter to tears this truly is one book that isn't about this man's destiny destination but about his joyeous journey. You'll never believe what he gets up to and you won't want to say goodbye. Time to write your own travel journals. Make it a trip. 

MR S. MY LIFE WITH FRANK SINATRA: Normally I don't touch biographies about celebrities. I prefer the albeit truth from the horses mouth, but George Jacobs life was worth the look. Especially for 49p (the bargains continue). Ole Blue Eyes former valet saw everything when it came to Frank...and we do mean everything for one of the most hilarious stories. The two fell out in the end, so you may want to take some of this with a pinch of salt and there is a lot of this celebrity life that is just sleazy. Still there's that Rat Pack cool from Vegas to Palm Springs. Plus with an inside look at everyone from the Kennedys to Marylin Monroe this isnt just a story about the chairman. To be Frank it's a look at the history of American culture and the dream of it over the last century.

FIGHT CLUB: David Fincher made this a classic film with fellow 'Se7en' star Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, still it's this original novel story that truly made the film both weird and wonderful. Remember the book came before the chicken, so its always better. Brutal but beautifully wrote, this scarring satire is a punch and precursor to insulting modern times and it pulls all sorts of punches at a dull and monotonous everyday life. Sure this isnt for everybody as like the film it's a little bit too much, but behind the bruised eyes you can see it's saying so much more. Do you get the message? Or like someone with two black eyes have you already been told twice?

JACK KEROUAC-MAGGIE CASSIDY: How about one more short story? That's what a lazy Sunday gives you. Completing a week of real reads, nothing beats Kerouac. After my best friend dedicated a copy of 'On The Road' to my American travels, it was only right in this present I brought one that matched my feeling today...head over heels in love. A hopelessly beautiful take on a teenage love affair this really is the best of this legendary American beat writers wonderful works. Anyone whose ever found the one, will join the millions who relate to this book. A story as sweet as it is sincere, it's a lovers lament to not only matters of the heart, but the best times of our life...high school. From sports day to love notes,  as hearts race check yes on this one. This is love, this is life. This is Kerouac.

Coming Soon....'Glory Road', Miles Davis and more....

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