Thursday, 29 August 2013


UP IN THE OLD HOTEL: A classic collection of the works of writer Joesph Mitchell tho contributed cool and courageously crafted columns and sensational stories for 'The New Yorker'. From writers to waiters, gypsies to rats and everything in between the core of the Big Apple, Mitchell's writing is introspective, inspired detailed and dilligent. With respect and humor, Mitchell-until his death in 1996-brought everything to life from the atmosphere of steak houses to all sorts of people and their stories that wouldnt have been heard, without Mitchell finding them and telling them. A true journalist to the end who really adbided by the true, genuine essence of writing. We could all take a page from this greats book.

STAR TREK-DEPARTMENT OF TEMPORAL INVESTIGATIONS: FORGOTTEN HISTORY:Space...the final that's a mouthful. Try...reading...this William Shatner's...voice. In fact, in what is a 'Star Trek' year, reading this book had me shifting between picturing Shatner and Nimoy and Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto as I boldly went through this book (does that violate the prime directive?). Shifting between the worlds of the original sixties series and 'Deep Space Nine', this is truly a great read too, going all Doctor Who on us and shifting through time aswell as the space continuum. What results are some great lessons learned and told in a series and genre that always used it's future themes to help guide viewers through past pretenses and present problems. Recentely reading a 'Star Wars' book, which is considered a futuristic Westeren, it's rival and counterpart feels like a pirate ship voyage across the seven seas of space. A gripping page turner which your imagination or Abrams could turn into a movie this truly sinks everyone elses battleship. All hands on deck, your rainy day legs book is ready to be turned. Set your plans to stun. Energize! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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