Saturday, 23 May 2015

BOOK REPORT-Gillian Flynn Special

Gone are the days this girl needs to look for work after being let go from her job as film reviewer and feature writer for magazine Entertainment Weekly. Now she is the main feature presentation herself, drawing in rave reviews. Oh how things go around. Last year E.W. even ran a cover feature on the movie adaptation of her brutally brilliant bestseller 'Gone Girl'. Irony? Karma? Just imagine if they asked her to write it!? I'm sorry but I think she's busy. Last year we reviewed one of 2014's best movies and her bold book that literally scripted it. Now Flynn is reuniting with director David Fincher and star Ben Affleck, penning the script for their rail twist on 'Strangers On A Train', whilst her other two books 'Sharp Objects' and 'Dark Places' are being respectively adapted into a T.V. serial and Charlize Theron and Chloe Grace-Moretz movie this year. Sure 'Gone Girl' is Gillian's million dollar, bread and butter, mansion mortgage acquiring bestseller but boy should you check out this girls other two books like we did this week to complete a terrific trilogy. One swimming in the deceptive darkness of modern murder incorporated into the human condition. Her debut 'Sharp Objects' is on machete point. Cutting, unflinching and critically cold. The object of horror legend Stephen King's reading desire gives us something so unsettling, your skin will crawl as you try to do the same through the pages you just can't leave alone like itched scars. Someone tell King there's a new queen for the librarian throne. The maddening murder mystery continues on 'Dark Places' the book that blew her up before 'Gone Girl' went nuclear across the world, invading every home, coffee shop and table. Practically as important a decoration as the cups and cloths like this one should be. Her darkest scribe takes us to places are most nauseating nightmares couldn't take us to, as Gillian sheds light on just how terrifying the psychological thriller genre of horror can get. Sure its all doom and gloom reading in this sweet Summer, but man this woman is on fire. She's so far gone. You may not find her behind the newsprint, but you will in every stand and book store. She's here. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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