Sunday, 18 September 2016


Embark on your morning commute with 'The Girl On The Train' and you'll depart asking more questions then where's this girl gone again?

Conducted by British author Paula Hawkins and set in the fog of the hazy residents of London town gone up in big social smoke, this book is the first-person narration heavy, Gillian Flynn like book and movie adaptation of the year. But instead of caustic 'Gone Girl' couple Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, it's great Brit of true grit Emily Blunt that leads a sharp cast featuring Luke Evans, Rebecca Ferguson, Justin Theroux, Lisa Kudrow and Allison Janney down the line in 'The Girl On A Train' movie that switches tracks to the playing it "safe" suburbias of middle America. At least Emily gets to keep her accent.

Race through this 400 page quick read that has paced over 10 million copies sold on the bestsellers lists so far and you can see why this story can get on board with blockbuster bait come the fall Oscar campaign season. It has it all, chapter and verse. Thrills, suspense, twists and spills. And although it goes to some lengths to demonize every male character in this book, it can almost be seen as a spiritual reply to the dark places that Flynn takes her Amazing Amy too.

It's a modern day glare through the cynical curtain, rear window look of suburbia, where nuclear families have gone toxic and murder is rife on this street. Whether literal or in the emotional mystery form where you can't see the evidence of the crime, but oh how you can feel it. Safe as houses and I don't think. These intertwining couples on the surface look borrow a cup of sugar sweet, but they are literally screwing each other and in turn themselves all over the place. If you're looking for some innocence here it might be time to move.

This todays look at derailing happiness is so simple life gone sour scary it even kept legendary 'Shining' and 'Carrie' writer Stephen King up all night like the Tommyknockers were rapping at his door. It's that intense...and somewhat inspired. Raw and real storytelling has never been this slick. We just hope Hollywood sticks to the script and the recurring notes so essential to the story like balled fists and blood in the ears. Otherwise 'what are we going to do with it'? Hawkins hallmark novel is not some idea hawked by coffee table enthusiasts and airport book stores as the latest must read. Its something you should run to catch...even if you think you can wait all day for two to come at once. Sure this books everywhere but it's time to get take a seat on the train and join the club.

The girls waiting...

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