Monday, 31 March 2014


We're back! And our obsession with books movies where based on continues with more reading up...

THE MONUMENTS MEN: Something truly monumental. What made for a extremely good and very underrated movie-that just missed out on Oscar season-gave George Clooney and Matt Damon another 'Oceans' like assembling of stars from John Goodman and Bill Murray to Cate Blanchett and Jean Dujardin...albeit missing a Brad Pitt. The sacred text this movie about saving priceless artworks from Hitlers reign of fire during his occupation of Europe in World War II is based upon is more than just a war journal of letters and entries of note. It's an inspiring and influential story of power and proof that is as unbelievably as true as it has been overlooked for so many decades closing in on a century. What architects and historians did not only for their country, but the heritage and culture of individuals and families all over the world by joining the army to restore peoples faith and priceless works is truly one of the bravest and heroic things known to man. Especially as many of these ageing people of their profession where not soldiers. Michelangelo and Rembrant owe these magnificent men a debt of gratitude, as do those who have criminally disregarded this film and beautiful book like those who disregarded other priceless works of art that now decades later still hold so much truth and meaning, like this does now regardless of fleeting eyes looking for one day. These men of monument deserve your salute.

A CAPTAINS DUTY: A real Captain America for you winter soldiers. Speaking of Oscar snubs, 'Captain Phillips' was arguably one of last years greatest films. Far tenser and more epicly exciting than the out of this world 'Gravity' that grounded everything except the harrowing historical '12 Years A Slave'. As a captain of a ship hijacked by Somali pirates Tom Hanks gave one of his greatest performances in years. One of the greatest actors with the best filmography of all-time at least deserved an Oscar nominee, like he deserved one for his sublime supporting role as Walt Disney in 'Saving Mr. Banks'. Still, the story of 'Captain Phillips' is more than just Hanks and the ever humble and honest megastar actor knows this. A true story tenser than any Hollywood script could pen, Captain Richard Phillips really suffered the hijacking of his vessel and the subsequent hostage taking on a lifeboat by these pirates. With his bold book Richard Phillips gives us the real account of what happened with unflinching facts and no fuzzy fluff. Like the great movie it's wraught with tension and anxiety inducing apprehension, but much like the great '12 Years' and it's own moving memoir by Solomon Northup you can't really call this enjoyable. As great as this reads like a thrilling movie this is real, it actually happened and that's truly harrowing and unsettling. Still, asking for no sympathy and not even bragging about the celebrity life aftermath Richard writes it to us plain and simple and this results in the truest one-sitting, page turner that demands your time and respect. With before and after countdowns and significant quotes starting each chapter this seasoned sailor writes like a pro and also gives us some beautiful Boston looks at the family life that was almost cruelly taken from him. With nods to brilliant books like 'The Perfect Storm' and the familiar family loneliness at sea things get even more claustraphobic then the 'Gravity' uncomfort beating film as this hostage story turns into a solo mission. This is where one man tells us what it's really like , like we're really there feeling it with him. Richard Phillips didn't have to revisist such a torturous time, especially so honestly and eloquently but in doing so he gives us a survival over struggle story that will inspire everyone from leaders to those fighting loneliness. For that to the real Captain Phillips, we salute! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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