Saturday, 6 September 2014


STAR WARS: VOLUME 3-THE LAST COMMAND: Luke Skywalker is going to die! Sold on this? For all the 'Star Wars' incarnations from stories to products that have come since the original films to now. From all the comics and video games that have come before all these new sequels set to rule cinema once again from a galaxy far, far away. This is it. These are the books you are looking for. A set of stories following the original trilogy and before Ja Ja Binx got in the way these books continued the story of Luke, Han and Leia. The original three. This book focuses on a threat to Luke Skywalker's life and the life and lessons that go into toeing the lightsabre line of the dark side. This is captivating, exciting, fond and funny. There's even some romance from Han and Leia. You're going to tell me you love this. I know.

WORLD WAR Z: Last year Brad Pitt took a bite out of Max Brooks' cult classic novel and took these flesh eating pages into the walking dead. His film was dead on, albeit a different taste on the zombie genre and story. Brooks' book is the legend though. Fleshing out the story via journalistic stories and interviews. This perfectly adds to the realism of an idea that has been done to death. So much so that people have researched the real life possibilities and implications of us all trapsing the earth like teenagers. This is so good it's scary. Scary prophetic. Add this to some real cultural and political satirical observations and you have one hell of a book that takes modern day social plagues to reading task. In zombieland Brooks' battalion wins the war.

NEIL YOUNG: WAGING HEAVY PEACE: Dylan's told part of his chronicles and we're still waiting on Springsteen's story but between that we have the legendary singer/songwriter Neil Young's autobiographical legacy. From CSNY to Buffalo Springfield its quite the career 'Harvest' too for the Canadian, making quite the story from Ontario to California. It's not just the musical and literal landscape that make for quite the artistic portrait over these pages of prose. There's also a deep dedication to love and the friendship of family and vice versa that make this so much more than money and fame and famous or fond of celebrity this is what it all should be about. Funny and forthright this sweet and sincere stream of consciousness is like one of the best songs he's ever wrote. From tangled tangents to words of wisdom this is the highest note Young has hit. Even if some of these chapters feel like an advert for his purist mp3 product there's still passion between the verses and he talks just as much about his beloved attic train set. Which believe me he isn't selling to anyone. This mans life has been heavy but as he writes and we reads together we feel peace and isn't that the connection fans want to feel with their idols? Especially one like the previously perceived aloof Neil. Still this is for everyone, old and Young.

SPIKE LEE'S AMERICA: A Spike Lee joint? Well, not exactly. This book is an aspiring movie makers tour through the force of this dynamic directors filmography. From 'Do The Right Thing' to 'Inside Man' and 'Malcolm X' to 'He Got Game'. Exploring the greatest hits and cult classics of one of this generation and all-times greatest directors you'll learn more about greats from 'Mo Better Blues' and 'The 25th Hour'. Not only will this book help you learn about Lee's rich history it will also have you yearning for Spike's future plans. As a matter of fact this non-fiction is a magnificent manual that should be used as a teaching tool in film studies education. It's that analytical in its expressive reflection. Praise-worthy but also profound some of these passages are as inspiring as its subject matter itself. Sure when it comes to our favourite Knicks fan Mars Blackmon himself, nothing comes close to this legend, not even this 'Inside Man' but in knowing this, this terrific text book does ultimately and (forgive me) the right thing. You gotta have it. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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