Saturday, 6 September 2014


Sneakers are as an ingrained part of the culture of basketball as the soles of shoes are to the blacktops of playground, hoop purists heaven sent dreams. Like tar on the heels of baby blue North Carolina to the Windy City Air of baby Bulls Chicago. From Jordan's to Kobe's. Nike to Adidas. Those weapon colourways and commercials to the and1 mixtape age. Hey, basketball fan or not those Converse you wear on your feet are a Basketball shoe created by Chuck Taylor and worn by Wilt Chamberlain when he scored a centuries worth of points. 100 years later and they STILL wont need to be changed. Through all this history the basketball bible SLAM has been there. You only need to library reference their 'Kicks' supplement Hall Of Fame but now with their first book they enter a whole new corridor. To join their latest Kicks magazine and Jordan special (in a 2014 that has also seen a throwback magazine, Iverson special and 'ChiHoops' insert to add to their sensational, revolutionary , magazine game spin-offs) this year comes their highest spin move on the hardwood yet. Always known as a hip magazine full of hops worthy ripping out the magazine like a steal and hanging off your wall like a backboard, this beautiful book is laced with glossy dome shots as pretty as their perfect picture. This is THE collectible for the purist court connoisseur. Thanks to their wonderful writers and a collaboration contribution from their classic scribe Scoop Jackson the history to the future of these trainers fit through these chapters and verse like the sock sneaks of the future. With 'Kicks' once again SLAM changes the game as the basketball bible has a new testament. Amen to the air God Jordan with a tongue in sneak pun intended. This is fresh out the box.

ALONG CAME A SPIDER: Incy, wincy spider! Ask basketball legend John Salley it was only right I read this book now. 'Along Came A Spider' introduced both bestselling thriller writer James Patterson and his hugely popular Alex Cross character to the world and millions of books sold and seemingly wrote since 1993. Patterson's James Bond and Sherlock Holmes has been portrayed in a film of the same name by the voice himself Morgan Freeman (just read this book in his pleasing baritone) and its 'Kiss The Girls' book adaptation sequel before Tyler Perry replaced him in a recent hit movie. This book however is the bookshelf chicken before the Hollywood egg and you'll breeze through these almost 500 pages of thrilling suspense like I did on a Saturday afternoon. From Disneyworld to McDonalds and deception to madness this brilliant book takes you everywhere. A classic 90's thriller of 'Fugitive' proportions, just try and cross this runaway hit. Check your water spout, this spider is amazing. Time to catch it. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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