Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Lost and found. You'd be so lucky to find this 'Gone Girl' between shelves of charity shops and the libraries of coffee tables right now. This is because the brilliant bestseller that has been sought after sold out ever since its 2012 release is having a new lease of life, especially with it's Ben Affleck rebranded cover. No wonder this book has already got a movie adaptation out now. The anti '50 Shades Of Grey' has even hit the screens faster than the 'other' book everyone seems to be talking more about in hushed tones. Now after amazing author Gillian Flynn has wrote the screenplay of her bold book for 'Seven', 'Fight Club' and 'The Social Network' director David Fincher's formidable film everyone is screaming Oscar like its this years 'Gravity'. Grounding and psychologically gruesome novel readers can take solace in the fact that this book was the chicken before the Hollywood smashing egg. Whilst film fans can read into comparing and contrasting what Fincher left in, out, added and shook all about. Film and book clubs rejoice you can unite again. Still Flynn's force of modern day social media and worldwide neighbourhood nature is a hard hitting thud drop on your doorstep. Wrote in page turning accounts and diary entries from one crazy couple this is quite the read and look into the marriage of a modern day relationship that either hides or reveals who we really are. Even the positive and negative naming comparisons of Nick Dunne (think 'The Nick' and 'Done') and 'Amazing Amy' (apart from the obvious, think 'amicable') are worked to perfection. Like this book. Like its story making word of mouth and world news rounds whilst from bookshelves still remaining missing at large. What an appeal! TIM DAVID HARVEY

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